How to use Facebook messenger bots to build a brand, grow your influence and make more commissions as an affiliate marketer
Are you an affiliate marketer looking to supercharge your affiliate income?
Are you looking for a better way to build your influence and grow your audience?

Are you stuck at 20% email open rates or worst yet, no email list at all?

Are you tired of constantly hustling in your business and wish for more automation?

Do you want to have the ability to validate a new offer in days rather than months?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above,

I've got something for you.
A DIY Course to help you start using Facebook messenger bots as part of your affiliate marketing eco-system
What is a Facebook messenger bot anyway?
A Facebook Messenger Bot allows you to create an automated "natural language sequence" to engage and interact with all your leads, get to know them better using survey questions, segment them based on their preferences and build a relationship with them so that they know, like and trust you, and eventually make you affiliate commissions. Think of the messenger bot as email marketing, ON STEROIDS.
Facebook Messenger Bots can help you:
  •  Build personal relationships with your audience resulting in higher commission opportunities
  •  Engage with your audience and share new offers
  •    Qualify leads and sell to them when they are ready to buy
  •    Automatically answer FAQs
  •    Be available for your community
  •   Answer EVERY message you receive on Facebook 
  •    Make more leveraged affiliate commissions

Facebook Messenger Bots are basically your business buddy who is available 24/7 on behalf of you and your business

What's more?

You get more than 90% open rates on your messages!! (Look at the open rates in the image below)
Inside Affiliate Marketing Bots you'll get:
16 Video Lessons + Checklists + Templates
In this module we will be covering lessons on messenger marketing, Facebook policies and intro to the Manychat platform
( To be released on April 15th)
In this module we will be covering lessons on building a strong foundation for your bot and setting up the basics
(To be released on April 20th)
In this module we will be covering lessons on the different ways you can use messenger marketing to earn more affiliate commissions
(To be released on April 25th)
SPECIAL BONUS 1: A plug-n-play influencer template that you can directly download to your Manychat account and use immediately to start building your brand

SPECIAL BONUS 2: A plug-n-play 5-day challenge template that you can directly download to your Manychat account and use immediately to run a challenge

SPECIAL BONUS 3: The ability to make 50% commissions  DAILY if you choose to sell this course. That's $48.50 into your Paypal paid every single time you generate a sale with your special affiliate link.

This is hands-down the single most powerful messenger marketing course for affiliate marketers

You'll learn EVERYTHING you'll  need to know to successfully start using messenger bots to exponentially increase your commissions

The best part?

It's not $997+ like other super expensive courses out there...

In fact, right now, it's not even $100...

You can get it at the low price of $97 bucks one time payment...

But take advantage of it right now because after 100 spots sell out it will be $197.
Here's what they say...
Answers to some FAQs...
When does the course start?
Module 1 will be released on April 15th, Module 2 on April 20th and Module 3 on April 25th
Is there a refund policy?
You get a 7 day no-questions-asked, risk-free guarantee
Do people really like messenger bots? I find them spammy
Messenger Bots, if not configured properly can become spammy. According to statistics, people prefer communicating over messenger than email and in this course I show you exactly how to create non-spammy bots
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